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Frequently asked questions
Friends in Khajuraho Homestay, friendly homestay

1. How far is your house from main city?

We are located about 1 km from the main "market" (town centre).

2. How much does it take to reach by vehicle ?

It takes just about 2-5 minutes by auto-rickshaw or motorbike depending where you are in the "market".

3. Can you arrange for transportation?

Yes, we will do our best to come and pick you up from the station or the airport. While you are in Khajuraho we can also guide you and take you places by motorbike, or you can rent one of our bicycles.

4. How far are you from the Khajuraho temples?

The temples are spread out around Khajuraho. The Brahma temple is right in front of our house. The Vamana and Javari temples (part of the eastern group of temples) are located 2-5 minutes walk from our home. The Jain temples and the Western temples are located about 5 km from our home.

5. Is there network for mobiles?


6. Is wifi or internet available?

Yes, you can use our computer to check internet for 30 rupees per hour, and our wifi connection is free and available in both rooms if you have your own laptop.

7. Is food home-made or does it come from a restaurant?

Our food is home-made, by a caring mother.

8. Is non-vegetarian food available and allowed?

No. Sorry, we are vegetarians. We don't cook eggs either.

9. Are restaurants far away from your place?

The restaurants are located in the main market, so about 1-5 km from our home.

10. Can guests cook or use the kitchen?

No. Due to Hindu customs, Mummy doesn't like guests to use our kitchen, but she will cook for you and make chai etc. whenever you want.

11. Do you provide filtered water?

Yes. We have a UV & RO ("reverse osmosis") water filter, so you shouldn't have any problem with drinking our water; however we sell mineral water bottles as well if you prefer.

12. Is the property run by the owner or by professional management?

By their owner.

13. What is the total number of bedrooms?

We have 2 bedrooms with 1 possible extra bed (charpoy).

14. What type of bed are there in the bedrooms?

Both our beds are standard-size double beds with a thick, firm mattress. The extra bed is a charpoy with a thin mattress on top.

15. What is the total number of bathrooms and are they Indian/Western?

We have just one (shared) Western bathroom for guests, with hot shower as well as Western toilet with flush and toilet paper. (We have another, Indian, bathroom for the family.)

16. How often is the cleaning done and how often is linen changed?

Depending on how many days the guests stay, this is up to their request.

17. Are credit and debit card accepted? Where is the nearest ATM ?

We don't accept credit and debit card at the moment, but the nearest ATM is less than 1 km from our home and there are quite a few ATMs in the main "market".


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.