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Hindi classes

Vio holds a PgDip in Developmental Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh (UK), and an Undergraduate Diploma in Hindi from the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) of Varanasi.

She has been teaching Hindi privately to foreigners since August 2013. She can teach Hindi both in English and in French medium, and she also teaches the Devanagari script if you wish to learn reading and writing Hindi.

Reiki treatment

Vio has been practising Reiki since 2008, and she completed her second degree in Varanasi in December 2012 from German master Hannah Winzentsen.

Vijay can also give you Reiki as he completed his first degree in Varanasi in December 2012, also from Hannah Winzentsen.

Hindustani violin classes

Vio has been learning north Indian classical (Hindustani) violin in Varanasi from her guru Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra since April 2008. She has performed with him in various cities in north India and even in France (February-March 2013), and she has many projects yet to come. There is more information on her website.

She has been teaching Indian violin both to Indians and foreigners since August 2010.

Henna tattoo

Udit Soni is a cousin of our family and a very talented henna tattoo designer. He has been practising henna tattoo for as long as he can remember, and at the young age of 16 he already has been a professional bridal tattoo designer in Khajuraho and around for six years. This provides him with a small income and helps him supporting his modest family.

If you wish to support this talented local young artist, let us know and he will come to embellish your skin...
Henna tattoo by Udit Soni