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In Khajuraho

Visit the temples:

There are four groups of temples in Khajuraho:
The western group of temples, the eastern group, the southern group, and the Jain temples.


Take a stroll round the Khajuraho market:

Visit the old village:

Also interesting in Khajuraho are:
  • the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art;
  • the Archaeological Museum;
  • the Sound & Light Show at the Western group of temples;
  • folk dance performances conducted by Madhya Pradesh Tourism and held every evening;
  • the Khajuraho Dance Festival, held every year in February.

  • Around Khajuraho

    Visit the nearby villages:


    Climb on a nearby mountain and admire the view:

    Visit the Lost Gardens of Khajuraho, supporting sustainable agriculture & tourism:

    The Lost Gardens of Khajuraho are 18th century royal produce gardens in Khajuraho/Rajnagar. The Belgian chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has taken up this project to restore these gardens and to turn them into training centers for sustainable, organic agriculture. Moreover, the project aims to promote sustainable tourism. Everything is done with the help of the local population and for the benefit of the same. For more information or to support this project, click here.

    Between 10 and 35 km away from Khajuraho

    Take a rickshaw or a motorbike for a day trip to...

    Raneh Falls:


    Pandav Fall:

    Pipal Ghat: