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Friends in Khajuraho Homestay, friendly homestay
August 2005

Our guides are not licensed guides, however they have extensive knowledge of, and are passionate about their own culture and customs. They will happily show you round the old village of Khajuraho, telling you all about the Hindu culture and religion, their local customs and traditions, and of course about the history of Khajuraho and its temples. If you wish, they may also take you around and show you picturesque neighbouring villages and breathtaking landscapes of the Bundelkhand region.

Kind and honest, they will make sure that you are happy and answer any questions you may have about our incredible and intriguing India. All this with a big bright smile on their face, which you are unlikely to forget!

Local guiding rates

Half day
INR 300
Full day
INR 500
Petrol / autorickshaw

Please note that our guides are not licensed to take guests within the Khajuraho temples. If you want a guide who will take you to the temples as well, you will have to hire a licensed one for a higher cost.

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Our guides


Vijay has been the head of his family since he was 16, after his father Govind Das passed away in July 2003. Despite the hardship which this involved, he fulfilled this responsibility with great devotion, making sure that he completed his education at the same time. Vijay has five sisters who are now all married. From looking after his family from such a young age, he has become a very caring and respectful person, always happy to help others.

After his father's passing Vijay learnt the art of nakashi with his uncle, and since 2003, he has been running the family shop, Lakshmana Handicrafts. As well as leading the Friends in Khajuraho adventure, he occasionally takes part in social and environmental actions for the French association Partage et Culture Sarasvati and for the German NGO Blue Bank.



Ravi is Vijay's only brother and the youngest of the seven siblings. He is the most academic of the family, and during all his school years he was not only the best pupil of his school, but he also won awards in the entire disctrict of Khajuraho and featured in local newspapers for it!

Ravi holds a BSc in Maths as well as certificates in Hotel Management and in Computing. He has completed 6 months of German studies at the Goethe Institute in Kolkata and Delhi, and is still studying the language on is own in Khajuraho.


Nitendra (Bhaiya)

His name is Nitendra but everyone calls him "Bhaiya", which means "little brother". Bhaiya lives in the old village of Khajuraho, and he is a good friend of our family. He is friendly, funny, and honest. He also speaks quite good French, and he knows some Italian and Spanish also.

Nitendra (Bhaiya)